Founded in January 2000, the House of Heroes™ is a nonprofit organization serving our nation's military and public safety veterans (and their spouses) who are disabled, living on a fixed income, or facing other physical/financial challenges. Volunteers perform minor repairs and make improvements to the homes of veterans and their spouses—at no cost to the veteran—through the generosity of individuals, civic organizations, and corporations.

Home repairs include, but are not limited to, cleaning, painting, installation of access ramps, installations of screen windows and doors, repair or replacement of basic appliances, and yard maintenance and improvement. Home improvements are supervised by a local contractor, and will meet applicable codes.

To qualify for assistance in the program, one must:

  • Be a military or public safety service veteran, or their spouse.
  • Need financial and/or physical assistance with home repair.
  • Own and occupy the home to be repaired.

The mission of House of Heroes™, Inc. is to recognize and honor military and public safety veterans and/or their spouses who have served our country faithfully and sacrificially. Through service to these veterans and their spouses, House of Heroes, Inc™. volunteers attempt to express gratitude that can never be adequately expressed in words alone by: •Improving the living conditions of military and public safety veterans and/or their spouses who are in need of assistance in maintaining their homes. •Honoring these American Heroes through the generosity of individuals, civic organizations and corporations. •Encouraging leadership and service, team building and volunteerism. In achieving the mission, there shall be no discrimination because of race, religion, sex, age, national origin or disability.